Free Parenting Place Toolbox courses for Adopters

ParentingPlaceLogoThanks to OPAN Members Petra and Klaus Reiter for the following update:

“The Toolbox courses at the Parenting Place are FREE for adopters! Just about to book a Tween and Teen course and saw the little print at the bottom that they seem to have a contract with the government to offer the course without charge to a certain group of people, including us! Perhaps you can advertise this in your network.”


02 2015

Adoptive Parents needed for Study

We’ve had another request from another AUT Student, conducting research for her Master’s Degree in Psychology.  She needs participants for her study that is looking into the experiences of adoptive parents.  See her brochure below.

Her contact details are: 

Anisha Khambatta
Mobile: 0211592644



06 2014

Adult Adoptees needed for Parenthood Study

We’ve had a request from a post-graduate student at AUT, who is needing participants for her study that is looking into the experiences of adult adoptees who have become biological parents. She is interested in hearing from adult adoptees who are over 18, and who have had at least one biological child.

Her email is

There is no set deadline, but the end of July 2014 would be preferable.


05 2014

Prospective Adoptive Parents required for Fertility Documentary

A documentary producer is currently producing a series about the fertility landscape in New Zealand and the steps people go through to create a family.  She would like to talk to prospective adoptive parents/anyone considering adoption, about their experiences.

“We are following the journey of people, and experiencing first hand what it is they go through.  At the moment the stores are IVF based and the different treatments or options that are being taken to create a family.  One avenue I am keen to explore through the documentary, is adoption.  For us, the treatment of the stories is the present, it is not a retrospective view on adopting.  I’ve attached a flyer (see below) about the production, how it is being made, what the intention of it is.”

If you are interested, please contact:

Nix Jaques
+64 9 303 3339

Inconceivable Flyer5


05 2014

We’re back…

After being out of action for a number of weeks the OPAN site is back.

I thought it would be good to come back online with some “adoption nz news” – and that’s exactly what I typed into Google.

The first hit was a link to: “Adoption News – NZ Herald” displaying a wealth of stories that have appeared recently on the NZ Herald website (and if you use RSS feeds; the option to save “Adoption” as a feed).  I was surprised at how many articles there were…

Take a look…


05 2014

Does being adopted mean being different?

ParentingPlaceLogoAnother great workshop at the Parenting Centre in Auckland…

Does being adopted mean being different?
Thursday 29 August 2013, 7:30pm – 9:00pm, $15

This workshop offers adoptive parents, adult adoptees and interested professionals a look at research into the ways being adopted can potentially influence the growth and development of a child. The key topics discussed include attachment, disclosure of adoptive status, behavioural challenges, and identity development. Dr Rhoda Scherman shares from her own extensive adoption research. Rhoda is an adopted person.

Check out the link to the course here.


08 2013

Auckland Coffee Groups on hold

SpiltCoffeeMessage from Adrienne – the Auckland Coffee Group Coordinator:
Hi everyone – Unfortunately due to the lack of interest currently for coffee groups in Auckland, we are putting these on hold for now.  I’m happy to start these up again if the interest is there at any stage.
Thanks, Adrienne.


05 2013

Free Parenting Course for Caregivers

ParentingPlaceLogoThe Parenting Place does excellent work in supporting families throughout New Zealand with various courses and seminars.  They are now able to offer their Toolbox Parenting for Caregivers course  free of charge to caregivers: foster carers, grandparents raising grandchildren, adopters, whanau caregivers and Home for Life parents.

Run over six sessions the course aims to provide practical skills and strategies whilst encouraging you to look after you! There is a good mix of presentation material and a rich vein of humour that runs throughout the course. Check out the link to the course here.

Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve attended a Toolbox Parenting  for Caregivers course, we’d love to hear how you found it.


05 2013

Prospective Parents required for Sunday Star Times article

SST1A Sunday Star Times journalist would like to talk to prospective parents about some of the frustrations that they are having/have had, in the waiting period before being matched with a prospective child…

“I have heard anecdotally of some that have been on the books for years before giving up because of the emotional investment – some having almost “got over the line” so to speak only to have it fall over at the last moment.”

If you are interested, please contact:

Charles Anderson
phone: 09 925 9836
mobile: 0275055493


02 2013

Interviewees required for NZ Herald Adoption article

The NZ Herald would like to talk to people with adopted children, or people who have been adopted, about the Members Bill proposed by Green MP Kevin Hague.

“One aspect of the bill is that all adoptions be open. We’re wanting a personal story of how being in a closed or open adoption has affected your life. If you’re comfortable with being photographed that would be great, but if not is okay too.”

The deadline for this story is this Friday 19 October, and the interview would require approximately1 hour of your time. If you have the time this week, and would like to be involved, please contact:

Trish Plunket
phone: 09 3736400 ext 8149
mobile: 0274 701312


10 2012